Windows of Opportunity

Someone once said, “God never closes a door without opening a window!”  Well, we have all experienced “closed doors” in our lifetime, but are we looking for the windows that follow? Lately, I have been reminded of the importance of sharing the Good News and left wondering about the opportunities that I may be missing. Like you, I easily get distracted by life. I awaken each morning to fulfill that day’s tasks, however many or few. Sometimes, each 24 hour period brings surprises, sometimes difficulties, sometimes victories, some times routine-ness. However, if I am not careful and cognizant, I can easily miss my most important calling in this life: sharing the Good News! Why am I a Believer? Why did I minister for almost 20 years at Bono church? Why am I now working to raise an awareness of Israel? Why am I the business pastor at DMI? Why am I a husband and father? While there are many answers to those questions, ULTIMATELY, there is one main reason. I exist to glorify God and tell of His plan of redemption through His Son Jesus for all mankind. 
So, while we are busy being Martha, who worked in the kitchen to prepare for guests, let’s remember to be Mary, who sit at Jesus feet listening to all that He said. Let’s remember to keep the main thing, the main thing! Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
Thanks for listening!

Welcome To JCFI

bridge icon appShalom Ya’ll & Welcome to the Johnson County For Israel website blog. 
Frequently, I plan to use this space to:
  • Share personal thoughts about Hebrew roots, the Bridge of Hope (BOH) ministry, current Israel events, etc.
  • Post interesting Israel-related articles, teaching, and topics
  • Ask thought-provoking Israel-related questions & get your feedback 
  • Mention & discuss upcoming JCFI events or other area Israel-related events
  • Highlight and talk about the Biblical Feasts as they approach on the calendar
Well, in short, I plan to BLOG!
So, check back here from time-to-time. And, get the JCFI Church App and respond to my blogs there!