Pastor Greg at CHF

Greg Robinson

Bono Baptist Church
“I was raised in Ft. Worth, Texas and spent most of my childhood and youth years as an active member of University Baptist Church. I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of seven, and I was baptized at the age of eleven. I began preaching at the age of sixteen at nursing and retirement homes around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I knew I had a passion for preaching the Word but did not know at that time that it was God’s call for my life.


After high school, I moved to Wichita Falls for college, and stayed active in church life. In the Spring of 2002, I met Penny Kennedy and we were married in December of that same year. While I was serving in the role of youth and music minister at my second church I became convicted that God was calling me to be a pastor and so I committed my life to full time ministry and was ordained in 2004. I have now been serving in the ministry for ten years, seven of those years as a pastor.

Penny and I have now been married for almost ten years and we have been blessed with two beautiful sons. Peyton is four and Parker just turned two. Our life is busy but blessed. I am currently pursuing my Masters degree at seminary and hope to be finished in about two more years. Besides being a full-time dad, pastor, and student, it has been my privilege to serve as the director for the Erath Baptist Association for the past eighteen months. Also, I have been to Israel twice with the Father’s House Educational Foundation. On my most recent trip, I was blessed to be able to take Penny with me and to serve as the teaching pastor for the group. I hope to return to Israel again this winter to help even more people experience the blessings of the Holy Land.

With my free time, I love to play golf and spend time with my boys. I also enjoy working on web and graphic design, and I am a passionate Dallas Cowboys fan! When it comes to ministry, I have a simple philosophy. I aim to encourage believers to work together with a strong since of unity, to disciple believers so that they may continually grow stronger in their faith, and to lead believers in winning lost souls to Christ so that God’s Kingdom will increase and He will receive the glory.”

“Dear Kevin Bentley and “Bridges of Hope” participants,

I have been greatly blessed in the last couple of months to have begun a new partnership through the Bridges of Hope program with a messianic congregation in Israel, Beit Immanuel. Their pastor, David Lazarus, and I have communicated by skype and email sharing updates on our congregations and prayer requests. Not only has it been a joy to gain a new relationship with a brother in Christ, it has also served as a great reminder for my church, Bono Baptist, of the importance to pray for Israel, the believers in the land, and for those who have still yet to receive the truth of Christ. This past Sunday, I shared a video during our worship service that I created during my most recent skype session with David Lazarus. He shared his testimony and about current prayer concerns for his family and congregation. We then stopped and had a dedicated time of prayer for our partners over in Israel. This special time was a tremendous blessing for all who joined us in worship and I heard many comments after the service saying what a blessing it had been to hear from that pastor and how hopefully this partnership would last for a long time. I pray that each of you will find the same blessing as I have through your connections in Israel. Please join with me in praying that more of these connections might be formed so as to support messianic congregation in the land and to bring a great awakening to churches in America about the importance of partnering with Israel. Thank you and God bless.” Greg Robinson

David and Michaella Lazarus Pic

David & Michaella Lazarus

Beit Immanuel (House of God)
Beit Immanuel was one of the earliest Messianic congregations in modern Israel. We have seen rapid growth in the numbers of members over the last years, and we believe that the most crucial issue facing the Messianic community in Israel today is the proper nurturing and discipling of the many new believers that have joined our growing congregations.


Most members of our congregation are Israeli citizens, though we also have a number of volunteers and guests who have joined us. A number of our young men and women are serving in the Israeli army, and we are also blessed with many young people from the former Soviet Union. The majority of our members are young couples between the ages of 20 and 30 with small children, so we have a strong emphasis on family ministry. We meet every Friday night at 18:30 for an Erev Shabbat worship meeting and at the same time run a Shabbat School for the kids. We also meet together at different locations throughout the city in home-groups during the week as well as mid-week youth meetings.

Our staff and home group leaders make up the leadership team of our congregation, and we meet weekly for prayer, strategy, and fellowship. We put an emphasis on strong, secure relationships among the leadership and strive to be examples of unity, grace, and love to the whole flock. We try to model accountability, vulnerability, and gentleness in all of our relationships at home and in our fellowship.

Our goal is to disciple faithful men and women, within the context of the local congregation, who will in turn impart to others the values and disciplines of a faithful Messianic lifestyle. Our Biblical studies and training programs are designed to develop servant-leaders for ministry here in Israel and to other nations. We also benefit from the many elders and leaders here in the Land who come to share of their unique experiences of growing up in the Lord here in Israel, as well as the many men and women of God who visit us each year from the nations.

It is our desire that Beit Immanuel be a Messianic community expressing Yeshua’s love to our city, our land and our people.