Corliss Carr, CPC Executive Director

CPC Mission Statement:

The Cleburne Pregnancy Center is designed to offer help and hope to women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide emotional & spiritual support, resources, referrals and education to help women say “Yes” to life for their unborn baby. We offer free pregnancy test, limited ultrasounds, prenatal and parenting classes, PAS bible studies, and material assistance.

From Corliss Carr, CPC Executive Director:

“I am married to the love of my life (Marvin) and have four children (two married into our family) and five grandchildren. A little over 13 years ago, God touched my heart to volunteer at a pregnancy resource center. I could not have imagined how that calling would change my life. I thought I was going to volunteer there, and God was calling me there to bring healing and restoration from the pain, shame and regrets I had from an abortion early in my life… God filled those empty places with His love, joy and grace.   God has given me such a passion to reach others so they don’t make the decision I made and to help those that have, find an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and the healing only He can provide. God allowed me to serve Him at that center for 10 years as client services director before calling me to serve here at the Cleburne Pregnancy Center   I am very humbled to serve alongside such incredible women and men here at the Cleburne Pregnancy Center.”

Sandy Shoshani

Sandy Shoshani, Director Be’ad Chaim

Be’ad Chaim (Pro-Life)

Be’ad Chaim is a nonprofit, national prolife organization with pregnancy centers in 12 different centers across Israel. Our program includes:
  • Operation Moses, which provides emotional and practical help through provision of vital baby needs for a full year including bed, stroller, bath, bed sheets, and monthly diapers, formula, wipes, etc. Clothing is distributed in most centers.
  • Gardens of Life, a place where women and men are able to plant a tree in memory of the unborn child
  • House of Life, a place of refuge, healing and training for women through pregnancy and after birth
  • Education, offering books, fliers, contact with schools, social workers, and letters to newspapers and public figures
  • Prayer teams around the world receive our weekly prayer notes and join us in prayer
From Sandy Shoshani, Director:
“I was raised in a traditional Jewish home in the US and came to faith in the Messiah Yeshua during University. After graduating in 1979, I made “aliya” ( immigration)
After working for many years in the community as a speech therapist, story teller and English teacher, I became the Director of Be’ad Chaim in 2005. I am passionate about saving the lives of innocent children and preventing women from assuming that abortion, which deeply hurts them, is their best option.”