Corey Cornutt

FBC Grandview

A Community Connecting to Jesus

Jesus – Colossians 1:15-18

            At FBC Grandview, we find our identity solely in the person of Jesus Christ. Glorifying Him is the goal of all we do.  We know that everything that exists was created through Him and for Him.  Jesus is fully God and is ever-present today through His Holy Spirit.

            He, alone, is the Savior of the world, and it is only by His crucifixion and resurrection that we have the opportunity to receive eternal life over eternal death.  We exist to worship Him and make Him known.

Connecting – Matthew 22:37-40

            At FBC Grandview we place a priority on evangelism.  We make Jesus known by preaching and practicing the Gospel.  We desire to be a people who connect the lost to Jesus both locally and globally.

            Through discipleship, we desire to strengthen the connection to Jesus in those who currently follow Him.  We believe that every encounter we have with Jesus should change us as we connect more deeply with Him.

            As we connect with Jesus, we find ourselves connecting with one another.  Through fellowship and service we seek to do for each other as we would have others do for us.

Community – Philippians 2:1-4

            As we connect to both Jesus and each other we form a community in which we share both each other’s joys and each other’s burdens.  We recognize our need for one another and choose to put the needs of others above our own.

            We also believe that God has placed us in a specific geographic location for a reason.  We choose to connect with other Jesus followers in Grandview and beyond in an effort to minister to our neighbors.

We are FBC Grandview – A Community Connecting to Jesus.

Pastor Corey has been married to his wife, Cheryl, since 2003. They have a son, Corban Lee. Pastor Corey is working to earn a Doctorate of Ministry at Logsdon University. 
Michael Yaron Pic

Congregation Tehilat Yah (Praise of the Lord)


The vision for Congregation Tehilat Yah (Praise of the Lord) is to have unity in diversity. We are a congregation consisting of people from different ages, cultural backgrounds, languages and denominations. It is through unity we can experience and share the love of Yeshua our Messiah. We also long to fulfill the mission call in Matthew 28 and, not only make new disciples, but help transform Believers into Followers of Yeshua. Finally, we have a special burden to bring healing, physical and emotional, to the broken-hearted. Our city has many new immigrants, as well as a considerable number of Holocaust survivors, and they all have experienced some kind of trauma. In Isaiah 61:1-3 God promises new hope, freedom, restoration and healing to these suffering people. Currently, an English version of a book about Michael and his family (Holocaust survivors) called “Joy for Ashes” is in preparation. We hope it will bless many.

Pastor Michael has been married to his wife Marianne for 11 years. They have two boys (10 and 5 years old) and a girl of 7. Pastor Michael enjoys sports, playing the harp and watching and playing soccer with his kids.