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Hope Church
Hope Church is a missional church whose purpose is to impact the community of Cleburne with the love of Christ. Hope Church’s goal is to build the Kingdom of God one person at a time. We will pastor people and not programs. We intentionally invest in the lives of everyone in which we connect. Hope Church will partner with the community of Johnson County and Cleburne in order to impact the lives of the unchurched, de-churched and those that have been marginalized.
The overarching mission of Hope Church is found in all three of the synoptic gospels. You shall love the Lord your God with every part of your being (heart, soul, mind, strength) and you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself. (Matthew 22:37-40)
Simply put Love God | Love Others. Hope Church is and will be dedicated to this simple truth.


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Oded & Sandy Shoshani

King of Kings Hebrew Congregation
The Hebrew congregation of “King of Kings” emerged from a small house group of the International King of Kings Community and is located in downtown Jerusalem. In 2004, Oded Shoshani became pastor. Since then, the Hebrew congregation has grown and became a vibrant, young congregation with many children, teens, soldiers and young adults.


Our congregation is marked by several traits:

  • We are a young congregation with over two thirds of the members under 25. This shows in hearing babies through the worship, in the amount of children we have and the many soldiers in active duty.
  • We have a warm family atmosphere. People feel welcome when visiting us, many young families formed friendships between themselves, and our congregational atmosphere is relaxed and emulates an extended family. We incorporate the youth in many ministries in our congregation, such as: sound team, projection team, worship team, lighting the Shabbat candles and teaching in the younger children’s classes.
  • We have a strong children’s program. Over the years the Lord impressed us with desire to see the children and youth grow to their full God given potential. To this end we promoted the children and youth programs and initiate other activities outside of the congregation.
  • We are working hard to develop the future generations of leaders in the Congregation. We start with incorporating the youth into different ministries in the congregation. We also have special class aimed at developing the participant’s spiritual disciplines as part of the training process.
  • We believe that our priesthood should be expressed also in the market place. We encourage our young adults to acquire professions that will enable them to be in influencing positions over the nation in the future. We encourage and support financially students and continually encourage them to press on.
  • We believe and teach that the congregation needs to use all their God given gifts and talents. We believe that the congregation should be a live Body in which all members are actively using their gifts and contributing to the growth (Eph. 4:11-16).
  • We are slowly developing our sense of what it means to be Jewish believing community in Israel. We light the Shabbat candles, hear the weekly Torah portion, use a Torah scroll in our Bar/Bat Mitzva and celebrate the Jewish holidays, all the above with Yeshua at the center.


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