How Do I Build A BOH?
Contact us at JCFI to begin building a Bridge of Hope!
We will introduce you to the pastor in Israel by Skype and start “construction” on this new relationship.
Once the Bridge is established, there are many ways to maintain it:
  • Monthly / regular Skype sessions for relationship building
  • Share what God is teaching you & how He is working in your       congregation
  • Discuss prayer needs and pray for one another
  • Make Prayer for partner BOH a regular part of worship services
  • Create a 911 Email Prayer Line to pray for BOH emergencies
  • Exchange & discuss Vision and / or Mission Statements
  • Occasionally introduce a staff member by Skype 
  • Discuss current news events
  • Conduct a short, ongoing Bible study with the BOH pastor
  • Conduct simultaneous Bible Studies congregation-wide
     (contact us at JCFI to ask how we might help facilitate this)
  • Develop Email Pen pals with adults & children from each BOH
  • Create a BOH spot in your newsletter for updates
  • Touch on important BOH-related questions in your Newsletter
      (like Replacement Theology, Dual Covenant Theology,  
      Evangelizing the “Jew first”, Antisemitism, Eschatology, Hebrew
      roots, etc)
  • Highlight a different program / aspect of your partner BOH each month
  • Host an evening at your church to highlight, honor, pray for, and support your partner BOH
  • Video & post services to You Tube for your partner BOH to view
  • Pulpit Exchange
  • Picture exchanges of individuals and groups
  • Have Craftspeople (knitting, crochet, embroidery…) work on a special gift – a communion tablecloth for instance.
  • Send care packages with regional items, congregational photos, etc.
Respond to JCFI with your ideas about the BOH ministry!
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