Pastor Clark and wife

Clark & Suzanne Stricklin

Impact Country Church
Impact Country Church is a Bible-believing fellowship, dedicated to God’s Word, welcoming folks from all backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a place for you to seek, grow, and serve.


Everything is about Jesus. We want Jesus to be at the center of everything we do. Our church is and must always be about Jesus.

Everything begins in the family. The mission of Impact Country Church is “to impact families with the Gospel and help them live out their faith to impact their world.”

We place a high value on…
*Life (Genesis 1:26-27)
*Authenticity and Honesty (Ephesians 4:15; Psalm 51:6)
*Missions (Acts 1:8)

Salvation is a free gift that comes only by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Anyone who turns from their sin and trusts in Jesus Christ and His death on their behalf receives forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. (“Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins… Acts 2:38 ESV)

Berger Pic

Benjamin & Reuven Berger

Congregation of the Lamb
“I was born in December 1944 in New York City. My parents, both Jewish, fled from Germany and Austria, met in Belgium and got married there. Many of the family from both sides were killed in the concentration camps of Eastern Europe. My elder brother, Benjamin, and I were both raised in the Orthodox Jewish tradition and lived the earlier years of our lives in a religious Jewish community. It was when I was 18 years old, that I abandoned orthodox Judaism and embraced a secular life style. This was a result of a deep disillusionment with religion and the fact that many of my questions remained unanswered.
I lived a worldly life for a period of seven years, seeking after truth as did many of my contemporaries. I became a student of French Literature and Romance Philology and received a M.A. degree at Columbia University. I began to work on a PhD program which I abandoned and decided that I would study film making. I, then, became a student of Cinematography at N.Y.U. for a period of one year.
In 1967, my elder brother Benjamin, who was working as an architect in Denmark, had a divine visitation at a time in his life when he was a total non-believer. God revealed Jesus to him apart from any human agent. The Lord continued to manifest Himself to him and enlighten him until he finally repented and turned his life over to Jesus. In 1970, on the eve of the Feast of Tabernacles, Benjamin returned to the States to share his faith with me. The very strong presence of God’s Spirit and love amongst us that evening while sharing together after the family holiday meal, bore witness in my heart to the truth of his testimony. That same night, Jesus filled my life with His grace and love and entered deeply into my heart in pure mercy without me even having prayed a single prayer. My life took a radical turn when I chose to follow Jesus as my Bridegroom and Lord.
Some weeks later, the Lord called me to leave America and to follow Him to Israel. I obeyed His call with deep joy. Soon after, my brother joined me and came to live with me in Israel. We’ve shared our lives together ever since. We lived in Bethany, an Arab Moslem village for almost 5 years, spending much of that time at the feet of the Lord, learning to know who He is. He opened His Word to us during those years and spoke to us of those things which concerned the prophetic destiny of Israel and the Church in the end-times.
In 1975, we moved up to the Galilee and spent almost 10 years there. We were involved in the formation of a small Messianic Community in the village of Rosh Pinna. Five years later, we moved to Tiberias where we served with others in the formation of the Peniel Congregation in its earliest stages. Some years after, we were called to move to Jerusalem and in 1984, we settled in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem where we have been living ever since. For the last several years, we have been pastoring a Messianic Congregation within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, near to Jaffa Gate which meets on the Compound of Christ Church. Our congregation is composed of Jews, some Arabs and Gentile brethren from the nations. The name of the congregation is the Congregation of the Lamb on Mount Zion.
Benjamin and I have been involved for many years now in the pioneering of the Messianic Movement in Israel. The Lord has also allowed us to minister in the realm of reconciliation in Israel, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and some nations in the Far East. Much of the ministry of reconciliation has been related to the whole tragic history of Israel, the Church and the nations. This has crossed over many denominational lines. Even though I was born and raised in the United States, I have had no real contact or relationship until now with the Church in the United States.
Our hearts long to see that the Bride of Jesus be formed into His image. We realize that the fulfillment of this reality can only come as His Bride comes into union with Him and as she manifests the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17. In response to this prayer of our Lord, we have chosen to obey Jesus as He calls us to minister in many different parts of His Church which include the traditional churches. We have seen how God has been bringing together His People in many wonderful and extraordinary ways from all different church backgrounds both in Israel and abroad. We understand that Jerusalem and the Messianic Body in Israel have a unique calling in the joining together into One of the Bride of Messiah and that the significance of the restoration of the people of Israel to the Land and to the Lord is central in order to rightly understand the plan of God as concerns the pattern and the way in which He will restore all things in these last days. We also believe that the place of Jerusalem is central in the fulfillment of these end-time mysteries and in the final revelation of His Glory before His Return.”
-Reuven Berger