JCFI wants to partner with
Johnson County churches to enhance
Israel-related ministry

What resources can we offer ? 

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Books, Sermons, & Educational Materials relating to Israel, Israel’s impact on the Church, Hebrew Roots, and more
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Subscribe to the free, monthly JCFI Email Newsletter with current updates about Israel, Bridge of Hope connections, Hebrew Roots teachings, and more. (here)
A visit to the Christian Heritage Foundation to view & learn more about the Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project (www.chfcleburne.org)
Pulpit Supply. Kevin Bentley, pastor of 20 years, is the Director of JCFI. He is available to speak about the work of JCFI and bring Bible-based messages (using slides, video, & artifacts) to stir passion about God’s Heart for Israel.
Speakers, Conferences, & Special Events that build awareness of Israel (i.e. For Israel Banquet, Passover Seders, Bridge of Hope Events and more!)
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Build a Bridge of Hope through adopting Sister Congregations, Faith-Based organizations, or individuals in Israel or the U.S.(here)
Our Friends in Israel
Connections with Faith-Based organizations that are working to strengthen Israel both within and without the country.
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Current events relating to Israel through the JCFI Website
Education concerning the Jewish Feasts. What are they? Why do they exist? How can I & why should I as a Gentile Believer keep the Feasts? How do I find Jesus in the Feasts?
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Practical Prayer helps about how you can “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”
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Finally, as we grow, JCFI will find new ways of partnering with the churches of Johnson County to expand an awareness of Israel’s Biblical role today.
Your prayers and suggestions are welcomed!

(JCFI will partner with Churches of Johnson County at NO COST!)