La Fuente (The Fountain)
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Jonathan Almeida & Family

Shaar HaEmek (Gate to the Valley)
Shaar HaEmek is located in the Jezreel Valley, a very significant location, biblically speaking. It was in this valley that Gideon led the fight against the Midianites and the Amalekites (Judges 6) and where the Israelites, led by King Saul, were defeated by the Philistines. Also, the Jezreel Valley is believed to be the site of the final, great battle of Armageddon.

Pastor Jonathan is married to Silvana and has two children. His daughter, Stephanie, is 21 years old, and son, Raphael, is 19 years old. Stephanie is pursuing a call into the ministry, and Raphael is currently serving in the IDF. The Almeidas are Brazilian Jews who made aliyah (return) to Israel in 2003.

Pastor Jonathan also serves as a psychologist at the Regional Council of the Jezreel Valley, where he works to support the emotional health of area professionals. Just after the recent war in Israel, Jonathan had the opportunity to work with local teachers and rabbis to help students transition back to school after a difficult summer vacation. For Jonathan, working as a pastor and psychologist is mutually beneficial and presents him with many unique opportunities to serve the needs of others.

The Almeida family started Shaar HaEmek about 5 years ago, the only Messianic congregation in the Jezreel Valley. The congregation meets weekly on Shabbat, ministers to adults through cell groups, and has outreaches for children and youth. Currently, Pastor Jonathan would ask for your prayers as they seek to refurbish their meeting facilities, lead evangelistic and educational conferences in their area, and work to expand psychological services.