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Jerry Clements

Lane Prairie Baptist Church
Lane Prairie Baptist Church is a member of the Southwest Metroplex Baptist Association, the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our church follows the beliefs of the Baptist Faith.
Brother Jerry Clements has been pastoring Lane Prairie Baptist Church for 14 years. He received his undergraduate degree from Dallas Baptist University and a Masters in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

El Roii 
“I am a native Israeli (seventh generation from my mom’s side). I grew up in Israel and served in the army. After the ’73 war, I travelled, searching for Truth. I ended up in India in an ashram and there, despairing of Yoga and its deep roots in Hinduism, I cried out to God. After a few agonizing days of this, the God of my fathers appeared to me and revealed His Son Yeshua to me. He rescued me from the situation I was in and led me back to Israel. In 1976-7 I traveled to the USA, where I ended up spending 14 years in a Bible School/Church/Community in Zion Illinois.

We came back to the Land in 1994, and from 1997 I have been pastoring here in Jerusalem. My wife is an American (from Milwaukee), and we have two children, one of whom was a captain in the Israeli armored brigades. My father, Colonel Eliezer Amitai (just recently passed away) was in 1967 the commander of the Jerusalem Brigade. He was one of 3 commanders who reunited the city.”

Pastor Ofer Amitai