Pastor Keith Whitt

Pastor Keith Whitt

North Cleburne Baptist Church
Work, Witness, Word, and World… These four words identify the vision of North Cleburne Baptist Church. Our vision is to be a healthy, fully-functioning Great Commission, prevailing church. It is our passion to see every member engaged in the Work of the Lord. It is our passion to encourage every member to become a contagious Witness for the Lord. 
On July 10, 1905 the North Cleburne Baptist Church was organized as a mission from First Baptist Church Cleburne with seven charter members. Land was secured across from then Irving School and a building was bought and moved to that location on the corner of Robinson and Gresham St.

In 1915 the basement of the new church was completed and a large tabernacle was erected just back of the basement and was used as a meeting place. The church building was finished by faith in 1919.

In 1944 an educational building was built on the the back of the auditorium for additional room for nursery, pre-school and church office.

The auditorium we meet in today was started in 1958 and completed in 1959.

From an humble beginning over 108 years ago with seven charter members, the church has had many high points and a few low ones as well. However, God has used North Cleburne Baptist Church to proclaim the Word of God and be involved in missions at home and all around the world. Many people have been ministered to over the past 108 years and many needs have been met by one of the most loving churches ever.

Many ministers, youth minister, music and children’s ministers have come through and have grown, many while working on seminary degrees.

Before Irving School moved locations to the country, we thought about moving locations and relocating because the town had moved away from us. But one day while we were praying on the sidewalk for the school, we asked God to show us who we could minister to if we stayed were we were, and the fire alarm went off at the school for a drill and all the kids came out of all the doors of the school and God gave us an answer.

We have a growing children’s ministry, youth ministry and senior adult ministry. Striving now to grow the young adults. Our worship services are informal, yet worshipful with an atmosphere that includes Bible centered messages, interactive music from contemporary to praise to old-fashioned favorites.

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Zvi Randelman

Pastor Zvi Randelman

Yeshuat Yisrael (Salvation of Israel)
Yeshuat Yisrael (Salvation of Israel) is a messianic congregation which grew out of the Beit Hayeshua rehabilitation center. It was planted by messianic pastor Zvi Randelman, (who also pioneered Beit Hayeshua). As men finished the rehab program we saw the need for them to continue in a congregation which could give extra care for their needs, as well as give them opportunity to develop in their callings in God. Today, Yeshuat Yisrael is a thriving congregation, many members who are new believers. Our vision is to see Israelis saved and discipled to serve. Some of the men who finished the rehabilitation program are today full time staff members; serving at the center as well the congregation. At this time we are also carrying out outreaches to desperate people on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We are praying about starting a day-center in Jerusalem for drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people, as well as to begin more intensive outreaches to average Israelis. Our heart is the see Israelis restored not only to the land of Israel, but also to their God.
Beit Hayeshua 1

Beit HaYashua Rehab

Beit HaYashua (House of the Lord) Rehab Center
The last 20 years we have seen the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy as God has brought back home to Israel multitudes of Jews from the North country (previous known as the Soviet Union), as well as other countries such as Ethiopia. Though many of the immigrants have succeeded in being absorbed into Israeli society, others have not. Today, government statistics state that there are over 20,000 hard core drug addicts in Israel and many more alcoholics. God loves these people and wants to set them free. There is only one path to freedom and new life: Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Beit Hayeshua was established in 2004 in order to serve these men and women lost in great darkness. We are a messianic residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation center located in Jerusalem. For the moment it is for men only. The program is open to both Jews and Arabs. We have seen miracles of reconciliation as Yeshua builds men into the “one new man”.
The program consists of taking a small number of men through a year of intensive discipleship wherein they discover the new life Yeshua offers and grow in the knowledge of God. We have seen a tremendous amount of fruit through this ministry. Literally dozens of men have received Yeshua as their Messiah and continued on to serve the Lord. Now many are getting married. The year before year we saw 7 marriages and new babies are on the way. This is the “salvation of Israel” happening now! To God be the glory!