NorthPointe Church
First Baptist of Joshua, began serving the local community over 120 years ago from the town center of Joshua, Texas.
In 2010, the historic church has taken a bold step in a new direction, literally moving from its central location in Joshua to the fast-moving growth area north of town, in south Burleson, Texas. The original location at 301 S. Main in Joshua was sold to the young, fast-growing food ministry of Open Door Church and Ministries who will occupy the building in November 2010.
First Baptist sold the property as an act of faith, knowing their new worship center would not be complete until Summer/Fall of 2011. In a rare collaboration among organizations known more for bureaucracy than cooperation, the Baptists made an agreement with the Joshua Independent School District to use their North Joshua Elementary school at 100 Ranchway Dr., in Burleson as part of a fee-based agreement.
By rebranding itself as NorthPointe Church, First Baptist of Joshua, the church signals a new era of outreach with special focus on youth, children and family ministries. You can expect people to dress as they wish, with some people a little dressy and most folks in more casual attire. It’s a come as you are worship environment. Services are one hour long. The church is known for its fantastic live music.
We are striving to become a family of radical Christ followers in a multiplying community willing to risk it all for him. Our strategy is to honor God through REACHING people, GROWING disciples, CONNECTING in meaningful relationships, and finding joy through SERVING others.


Joseph Haddad

River of God Lebanese Congregation
The ministry with the Lebanese refugees in Nahariya started in May 2000 as 7000 S.L.A (southern Lebanese army) soldiers who were allied to the I.D.F (Israeli defense forces) had to leave behind their homes, properties and beloved ones and cross over the borders into Israel.Those faithful Lebanese for 25 years had paid a high price to defend the Israeli Northern borders from different terrorist organizations.

We started this ministry as a little home group in the city of Nahariya in northern Israel, and we grew up to become a congregation of a 100 people including the children. We believe that those precious born again Lebanese are pioneers among the Arabs to love Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We also believe that because of the promise from Genesis 12:3 “To bless all those who bless Abraham” is still valid, God desires to bless those precious Lebanese in return.They have a destiny in Israel. They are not here as a result of a coincidence. God had brought them to a city of refuge, the Holy Spirit is revealing Yeshua to them as their Lord and Messiah, and they are experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit. In due time, they will return to Lebanon to spread a fire of revival for the fulfillment of Isaiah 29:17-20. “In a very short time, will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field and the fertile field seem like a forest, in that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see, once more the humble will rejoice in the Lord, the needy will rejoice in the Holy one of Israel”

Hallelujah!!! God is promising a revival that is coming to Lebanon when all the Lebanese people will worship the God of Israel.Meanwhile, their little children who go to Jewish schools in Nahariya are doing the work of the evangelist as they tell their Jewish class mates about Yeshua the Messiah of Israel.

We appreciate much your prayer and support to enable us to keep up the good work in serving those faithful born again Lebanese who chose to love the Jewish people and cling to the God of Israel.

Love, peace and Joy

Pastor Joseph Haddad

“River of God” Lebanese cong. in Nahariya, Northern Israel