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Chuck Mellott

The Carpenter’s Church
The Carpenter’s Church of Joshua is an independent, Spirit -filled, full-gospel local congregation that exists to witness to all people of God’s love revealed to us through His Son Jesus Christ, Our risen Lord, and to serve our community in love. We sincerely care about you and being a support to you.

“Our desire here at The Carpenter’s Church is to teach the Word of God, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, equip the members of this congregation and see the captive set free.” Pastor Chuck Mellott

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Leonardo Bella & Family

The Israel Prayer Mission
Where Intercession and Evangelism Meet !

Our commission is to grow and equip an army of committed and motivated prayer warriors to do battle for the souls of all Israel, while focusing their prayers on over one hundred unsaved Israeli family and friends we are ministering to in the Land. The results of these anointed prayers have been transformational. We have seen native Israelis, who were violently anti-Yeshua, acknowledge the light of His presence as we brought them His love and the word of our testimony. We know by faith and experience that there will be eternal fruit. Our passion is to see each “pre-believer” exposed to the living reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, here and now! In many ways each one of them are being nurtured and prepared for the revelation of Yeshua that can only come to them by the Holy Spirit in Gods perfect timing.

Our mandate as Yeshua’s emissaries to Israel is to bring the Good News along with His living presence into the homes and lives of people who have never tasted the reality of Yeshua. We come bearing salt and light, and many are provoked to jealousy. We also share with these Israeli families the pictures of the over two thousand saints from the nations who are praying specifically for them. This touches people deeply as they realize they are on the receiving end of so much love from believers they have never met. In addition we are always finding opportunities to unite our beautiful friends from the community of faith and those we are ministering to. We rejoice as we experience the living Spirit of God tangibly at these gatherings.

An ancient spiritual battle. In Matthew 23:39 Yeshua proclaims “For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, ‘BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD’”! The enemy of God knows that the Jewish people coming to faith in their Messiah Yeshua is the end for him. There is an immense battle going on in the spiritual realm to keep Jewish people, who do not yet know Yeshua personally as Savior, from ever getting a true life-changing, eternity-impacting glimpse of His beautiful face. Often, we see tears as Israelis understand they are hearing eternal truths, and yet they are literally unable to take that next giant step into His loving arms. As emissaries of Yeshua to Israel, we are confronted daily with statements from wonderful bright people that can be very discouraging. The enemy of God has created a conspiracy of lies and spoon fed them to our people.These lies are well crafted and sensible systems of belief that are fed by experience and historical documentation. We must petition God to tear down these strongholds which are keeping Israel captive. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Strategic intelligence. Certainly the chance of success on the battlefield is greatly enhanced when you have excellent intelligence feedback on the enemy’s strategies and plans. Fighting this battle for the souls of individuals in Israel, or any other place, must include a component of knowledge as to how the enemy of God is working to keep masses of people from ever being truly free to choose new life in Yeshua.

Ministry to the nations.
We spend an intensive four months each year in Israel and six months each year traveling throughout the US and abroad to encourage and equip the saints of God for the battle ahead. Our teaching emphasis points include:

Cultivating genuine love and respect for the people of the Land through a deeper understanding of their heart and culture.
Grasping the design of the enemies conspiracy of lies in order to effectively pray the solution.
Understanding the spiritual dynamics of this ancient battle.
Celebrating Yeshua’s perfect victory on the cross that allows for
all redemption, grace, renewal and overcoming.
Encouraging single-hearted devotion to Kingdom ways, allowing us to effectively
provoke all people to jealousy by the evidence of the fruit of the spirit.
Acknowledging that a true one new man body of Messiah gathered together in love and humility is the cry of Gods heart for His children. A cry that we must take more fully into our own hearts.

Together we can play a part in paving the way for Yeshua’s glorious return!