Pastor Mark Greenroy

Mark Greenroy

Victory Family Church
The Vision of Victory Family Church is to influence the spiritual climate of our community and our world for Christ. Our MISSION is, through God’s presence and Power, to influence our community and world by reaching people with the love of Christ, connecting them in meaningful relationships in the body of Christ, growing them in their relationship with Christ, and then releasing them to serve our community and world through their God given purpose.
Pastor Mark Greenroy is the founding Pastor of Victory Family Church and has led our congregation for the past 17 years. He is married to Leisha and has two children, Promise and Tanner.
avi and chaya

Avi & Chaya Mizrachi

Adonai Roi (Lord our Shepherd)
Adonai Roi is a Messianic Jewish Hebrew speaking Congregation. ‘Adonai Roi’ is Hebrew for ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. It was founded by Avi and Chaya Mizrachi in the summer of 1996 with a few people meeting in a private home. As the Lord added to their numbers, the small group grew and is now a vibrant congregation in central Tel Aviv. At this time, Adonai Roi is meeting in a temporary location. The Lord has directed the leadership to look for a property to purchase that will serve as a Messianic Centre for the people of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
Avi Mizrachi was born in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in a Jewish home. After serving in the Israeli Air Force he decided to visit his sister in America. Avi was the typical young Jewish Israeli with dreams of traveling the world. He planned to explore America, visit Las Vegas and get rich, but the riches he found were of a more lasting kind! When his sister who had come to faith in Yeshua, invited him to attend a service at her church, he decided to go out of curiosity. He was shocked by what he saw: people who loved God, loved Israel and loved the Jewish people. His heart was touched and he was provoked to jealously. Later, alone in his room, he gave his life to Yeshua and accepted him as Messiah and Lord. In the same year he also met and married his wife, Chaya and they returned to Israel together.

In 1985, God opened the door for them to study at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and after completing their studies they returned to Israel in 1987. They have been in full-time ministry in Israel ever since.

Avi is a recognized leader in the land of Israel and an international conference speaker. It is his heart’s desire to bring the Gospel to Israelis and to disciple them to become strong believers, rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

Chaya helps Avi with the ministries of Adonai Roi Congregation and Dugit Outreach Centre. She also raises their 3 girls that still live at home. Chaya is involved in the ProLife movement in Israel where she has given Post Abortion Syndrome Workshops that provide counseling and support to women who are suffering from the trauma that follows abortion.

Avi and Chaya have 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren.